There is Life After Stroke.

Stroke Survivor A Story of Hope

Stroke Survivor: A Story of Hope perfectly mixes creative coping techniques, respect for one another and a dash of humor…The honesty is refreshing, the insight practical, and the transparency is touching.”

—Brenda Vert, wife of a spinal cord injury survivor and former director of a day program for survivors of brain injuries


At age forty, a stroke ended Don Kvernen’s career as a psychologist and left him with permanent physical and cognitive disabilities. Two decades later, he and his wife Rosella reveal the unvarnished truth about his struggles and share how he maintains meaning and joy in his life. Due to Don’s continued difficulty with language, Rosella is the primary storyteller, but Don’s positive spirit and determination shine throughout the book.

The Kvernens describe their attempts to handle devastating circumstances and compensate for enormous losses. Their account offers encouragement, hope, and insight to fellow stroke survivors and their families, as well as to their friends and healthcare providers.

With poignancy and humor, Stroke Survivor depicts the triumphs of Don’s rehabilitation, along with the heartaches of their family’s challenges. Though Don has not made a full recovery, his optimistic attitude, his training, and Don and Rosella’s mutual commitment to find ways to cope have helped them persevere. Stroke Survivor is truly a story of ongoing healing and the power of hope.


  1. Don and Rosella, Thank you for not giving up and retreating into your own private, limited world. Your ministry is as great now as it ever was and that’s amazing. As I fought through cancer and some complications, I found myself saying every day, “This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it. . .whatever comes.” I said it but you have lived it.

    I still chuckle every time I drive by some farmer working his fields because I remember having to stop along I-29 so Don could watch a combine stirring up clouds of dust. I chuckle and I pray for you each time.

    Mike Hayes

  2. Don & Rosella, thank you for this book. It gives everyone an insight of the struggles and amazing determination and it gives stroke victims hope! You have overcome so much and learned to live with so many life challenges. God Bless You and your book!

    • Our experience and personalities make it easy for us to be open about our struggles. We think if we share only the good, real people won’t believe us. We do experience both the bad and the good. The choice to learn to live with life challenges is so much better than shutting down and getting angry. I’m so glad Don led the way in our family to not get bitter. Our lives are so much better because of that choice.

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