Relief from Pain – Physical Therapy

Since his stroke, Don has frequently developed back pain from his uneven gait. A while ago, he developed severe back and leg pain after a long car ride. On many days over two months, he could not even get out of bed. We both became discouraged and started to lose hope.

When narcotics and a steroid injection failed to help, we found a physical therapist who relieved Don’s pain during his first appointment. He relapsed a bit, but after several therapy sessions, plus stretching and strengthening exercises at home, he is now virtually free of pain. We are so excited to have hope again. Relief of his pain is a huge motivation for Don to follow his PT’s instructions.

Don has progressed in therapy from slowly walking a short distance to walking on a treadmill for many minutes without triggering pain. He has increased his flexibility by stretching and has isolated some muscles in his leg that he didn’t know he could use. Each week he is gaining more strength and improving his gait.

What helps us cope and gives us hope? When Don’s back pain debilitated him, a physical therapist knew how to relieve the pain. She has turned a discouraging decline in Don’s health into hope and actual improvement. We are so grateful we found her.

Question for our readers: Have you struggled with pain that has taken you in a discouraging decline? What has helped you cope and given you hope?

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The LightSpeed System has adjustable straps attached from a stable frame to a lower body suit. They relieve part of Don’s weight as he walks on the treadmill and give him buoyancy and security as his therapist helps him improve his walking technique and endurance.


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