The core of Don’s former self remains

Daily, perhaps hourly, my husband is conscious of how a stroke radically changed his life. The stroke Don suffered in 1991:

•           paralyzed his right side,

•           significantly impaired his use and comprehension of words,

•           destroyed his ability to read and write,

•           gave him seizures,

•           altered his relationships with family and friends,

•           dashed his plans, and

•           left him no longer able to work as a psychologist.

However, after two decades, the core of Don’s former self remains. He is still the loving, gentle, funny, wise, and wonderful man he was before his stroke—most of the time. I am proud of Don, especially of his character and inner drive that helped him deal with the aftermath of his stroke in such a remarkable way. He inspires those of us who have walked with him through his struggles.

Stroke Survivor: a Story of Hope


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