We Need Encouragement

We all need someone to tell us we are valuable, remind us we are loved, and encourage us with hope for the future. Those of us who live with disability or serious illness or loss especially need it, but really, everyone needs encouragement.

Don came home from breakfast this morning, telling me how much he and his friend appreciate each other. Today when my sister and I finished editing a writing project over the phone, we mutually decided it was much better than when we started. At Don’s PT appointment today, his therapist reminded him of movements he can now accomplish that he couldn’t when she started working with him. Both she and Don expressed appreciation to me for helping Don with his exercises at home. This afternoon a young friend stopped by our house to visit. His smile and hug as he left made us feel he appreciates our interest and care for him. We had a good day!

I am reading a book by Nick Vujicic to Don. Although Nick was born without arms and legs, he is incredibly positive. He inspires and motivates Don and me with his attitude and stories.

What helps us cope and gives us hope? When Don or I get down because of our circumstances, we usually have to turn our focus away from ourselves toward other people. Don is good at that. Most days he gets out of the house to visit or eat out with a friend. He visits other men who have had stroke or TBI and keeps up with several long-term friends. Don also smiles and talks with strangers and tries to improve their day in some way. Relationships with people are a huge source of encouragement to both Don and me.

Questions for our readers: When your circumstances get you down, are you able to find positive people with whom you can be friends? Are there people who inspire and motivate you? Do you try to befriend and encourage other people?

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