Don Can Still Drive

We wondered what Don’s doctor would say. Would he sign the form the Department of Public Safety periodically requires, that allows Don to continue his driving privileges? With meds, he has been seizure free for over twenty years, so that is not the issue. But, the form came just after we heard Don’s abdominal aortic aneurysm has again grown. Would that affect the doctor’s choice?

Driving adds immensely to Don’s quality of life. But we knew we had to accept his doctor’s judgment. So as we waited for Don’s appointment this morning, we had both worked it through in our minds  to trust the doctor to make the safe and right choice. We were both relieved and happy to see him sign the paper. Don can still drive!

Don has a few more tests, and then next week he will visit the vascular surgeon. The doctor today reassured us he had already talked with the nurse practitioner we saw in Vascular Surgery last week.

This morning we heard the answer to the lesser of our questions. Next Tuesday Don’s surgeon will discuss the bigger question about what may need to be done about the aneurysm. We are fortunate to have excellent medical professionals care for Don at an renowned medical institution.

What helps us cope and gives us hope: When we face looming news or decisions, we try to mentally wrestle until we can accept outcomes at either end of a spectrum of possibilities.

Questions for our readers:  What helps you cope with impending news or decisions? Do you recall a time when you wrestled through a spectrum of possible outcomes?  How did that help you or not help you cope?

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