Another Challenge

Don faces another challenge this summer. For perhaps ten years, doctors have watched his abdominal aortic aneurysm slowly grow. That means the wall of his main artery descending to the lower half of his body is weakened and bulging. It has now approached the stage where the risk of rupture will surpass the risks of surgery.

We have faced this probability at each of Don’s annual and now semi-annual checkups. This is a big deal. Risk and improved health are in the balance. Don’s life is in the balance. He has debated if he wants to choose the surgery with its risks or to let it go and live until he dies.

This process has consumed emotional energy, and we have both had coughs that have knocked us down for a few weeks. However, Don has now chosen to go ahead with the surgery, and we are relieved to have scheduled it in August.

What helps us cope and gives us hope: Don has come close to death before and our older son died from cancer. Because of Don’s faith, he believes his after-life will be much better than the struggles he has now. However, Don’s surgeon is one of the best for this procedure and he feels confident surgery is the way to go. Also, numerous people have recently told Don how much he means in their lives.

Questions for our readers: Have new challenges piled up on top of your stroke or other health issues in your life? How do you cope?

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