Thriving Again After Surgery

Following a long hiatus, I have returned to blogging. Don deliberated, prepared, and finally underwent surgery for his Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm August 5th. His doctor made an incision that ran upright over Don’s entire abdomen and attached an upside down, “Y” shaped, Dacron graft that extended from his aorta at the level of his kidneys down into both legs. This was a big deal. We are so grateful Don came through it amazingly well.

Don slept a lot for a month and has since resumed getting out with friends. He is still a bit more tired than usual but is progressing back toward his normal. This past week he had several episodes of nose bleeds that took him to the clinic three times and once to an ER on our trip to ND.

Don handled these two medical concerns, but they temporarily shut both of us down. Now it appears Don is thriving again, so we have concluded he has more to accomplish in life. We speak at a stroke support group next week.

What helps us cope and gives us hope:  We are thankful for the extremely competent medical care Don has received recently and for the fact that we have insurance. We have coped by allowing ourselves some slack and resting when we need it.

Questions for our readers:  Do you get wiped out by medical issues beyond your stroke or brain injury diagnosis? How do you cope?

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