About the Authors

Although Don Kvernen earned a Ph.D., after his stroke he could not read or communicate effectively. When other reading therapy failed to help Don, a tutor for dyslexic students taught him with a unique method that helped him make strides toward reading again. Don’s stroke paralyzed half of his body and drastically altered his mind and identity. However, the core of Don’s former self remains and he continues to retain purpose in life. His life inspires people around him.

Rosella Kvernen teams up with Don as his wife and care partner. Even though Don’s stroke affected every area of their lives, they have learned to go on. Together they exemplify the fact that there IS life after stroke.

Authors Don and Rosella Kvernen

Authors Don and Rosella Kvernen

MRI Image

MRI of Don’s brain. The elongated dark portion of this image, to the right of the butterfly shaped chamber, indicates the extent of Don’s stroke. This view appears as if seen from Don’s feet. The right side of the image shows the left side of his brain, which controls movement on the opposite, right side of his body.      November 2009.


  1. Don and Rosella – I’m so glad you have written this book and blog! It’s exciting to see all the speaking opportunities you have. I spent some time reading various things on your website and I was so blessed by just that – I’m sure God is and will use you both powerfully to heal and encourage others!

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